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Pet Food

It’s important that pets consume high quality and nutritious food for their health and well being. That’s why we sell only the finest foods. For example, we won’t sell anything that could contain harmful preservatives. If your pet has special needs such as body weight control or grain sensitivities, let us know so that we can better serve you.

We offer a wide selection of pet foods including:
  • Cat Food
  • Dog Food
  • Gourmet Pet Foods
  • Live Food
  • Bird Seed
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Pet Supplies

As a pet owner, you want to make sure you have everything you need for your “baby.” Whether you got your pet from us or somewhere else, we are happy to give advice on any supplies you’ll need. Consider us your one stop shop for all your pet needs.

We offer a variety of pet supplies including:

  • Cat Toys & Treats
  • Dog Toys & Treats
  • Training Equipment
  • Fur and Coat Maintenance
  • Pet Medical Needs
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Pet Adoption

Are you ready to become a new pet parent? We believe that the bond between humans and animals is a wonderful gift. We follow strict guidelines and do our best to ensure happy and healthy pets including vaccinations and worming treatments. When you buy a pet from us, we also offer a comprehensive pet health warranty. You’ll also receive guidance on how to care for your new pet from one of our highly trained staff.

We offer the following types of pets for adoption:

  • Dogs (puppies and adults)
  • Cats (kittens and adults)
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Small Animals (such as hamsters and guinea pigs)
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Popular Pet Products

• Hand Raised Birds

• Parrots

• Bird Cages

• Bird Food

• Bird Toys & Treats

• Dog Food & Treats

• Crates & Carriers
• Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food

• Terrariums & Tanks

• Live Reptiles

• Live Hamsters & Mice

• Heating, Lighting & Bedding

• Medication & Supplements

• Flea, Tick & Worming
• Live Tropical Fish

• Goldfish

• Fish Food

• Aquariums

• Filters, Heaters & Decor

• Accessories

• And Much More!

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